Over the years our creative team has worked with a vast array of companies providing professional entertainment for corporate and retail events alike. Our main goal is to portray your company in its best light and to keep your clients and team members buzzing about your brand for years to come. Whether it’s a new business opening, new product launch, company milestone event or team building event, allow us the opportunity to WOW your guests with unique options for your next corporate event.



Planning a private event? Leave the lighting and sound to us! Social gatherings, private events and parties of all sorts are our specialty. Our team has a deep passion for creating an uplifting atmosphere with our lighting and setting a hypnotic groove with our finely curated sound. Our party professionals will qualify your event needs from first contact and will be with you every step of the way until closing your amazing reception. Allow our expert staff to exceed your party expectations.



Our club Dj’s are poised and ready to amaze! Prepare for back to back blood pumping sets with live remixing, scratching, wordplay and beat matching just to name a few tricks of the trade. We keep the dance floor packed and the crowd energized, period! Whether it’s open format, hip-hop, reggaeton or house our Dj’s are seasoned veterans to the night life arena and no matter what size venue you 1 have planned, we bring the club to you.


celebration, fun and holidays concept - happy couple posing with party glasses over festive lights background

Video booths featuring a camera on a long metal arm that rotates around a platform where guests stand, pose, or dance. The end result is a video—either slow motion video, boomerang, or a regular video that looks GLAM.


Beautiful camera lens with geen and pink light of glass on a black background. Macro photography view.

Event without a photographer? Not acceptable!
Hiring a professional photographer will bring your event to life over and over for the rest of your lives. It’s about creating memories. Perfect for weddings, business launches, nightclubs, etc.

“Photos capture what the mind may forget but it reminds the heart of what it will always remember.” – unknown